Automatic order change Thin Blade Slitter Scorer

Whole Machine Function and Parameter:

The machine design as width and heavy duty; the transmission parts more heavy, especial focus on plate adjusting, ink transport, transmission structure;


Control system: Adopts new Mechatronics design; man-machine interface and touch screen Centralized control system cooperation with Planetary circumferential direction plate adjusting system; can be centralized control no need stop machinery; fast and precision register, reduce waste;


Transmission system: each transmission shaft link with gear by key-free link rings and Cross slider drive mechanism; Closed type and Circulation spray lubrication, whole machine gear can be gap-less Running; insure the precision of ling term register.  


ink Transfer system: adopts high precision Anilox Roller and ink transfer Rubber Roller, independent motor driving, separation by Clutch, insure machinery stop but ink not stop, pneumatic Diaphragm pump supply ink, pneumatic rising the printing plate.


machine unit separation and close: whole machine can be automatic locking and when locking system broken will be start protection system to protect the worker; electric moving, clutch protection.


Main wallboard adopts HT250 Cast iron material, after aging treatment, process by processing center, insure the high strength and high precision.  




Conputer control system:


· Main Touch screen:                                    

l Can be pre-set and display the quantity of production, when arrived quantity, automatic alarming and stop feeding, reduce waste of corrugated board;

l Equipped with main machine start and stop, speed up and speed down function, Cruise fixed speed function can be setting 60sheet/min, 90sheets/min, 120sheets/min, make the operation more humanize;

l Can be set time of tidy paper and time of interval, Easy operation by different person;


· Computer Phase Controller:

l Phase control can be adjusting when the machinery running, with memory function, when open machinery change plate or clean plate, can be back to original position.

l Each unit return Zero, Memory Function, position pre-set function. Feeder, printer, slotter phase return zero and pre-set, only test few sheets can be adjusting to right position, reduce waste of corrugated board;

l Anilox up and Down is controllable, when any unit not printing, this unit Anilox roller no need go downward, no need clean ink roller;

l Equipped with ink alarming system, when any unit leak ink, alarming and stop feeding;

l Inveter adjusting function: main motor running steady, save power 45%, save power;