Automatic order change Thin Blade Slitter Scorer

Function and feature

The whole machine in accordance with high speed, high precision, high

efficiency, reliable stability and safety and design to manufacturing.

◆Control system: the use of international brands of programmable controller

(PLC), industrial man-machine interface and inverter as the core of the electrical control system; to

quickly replace the production orders, intelligent all-round program control, making the machine production and Adjustment in the more humane, higher security, product yield greatly improved.

◆Transmission system: transmission gear with 20GrMnTi alloy steel, refined

from the national standard six precision, hardness HRC58-62, the use of key-free connection ring and cross slider structure, to achieve gear without

backlash drive, you can achieve long-term printing registration.

◆Ink transfer system: the use of high-precision reticulate stick and inkjet roller, another independent motor drive, beyond the clutch separation, pneumatic lift version, intelligent boot, shutdown

ink system.

Machine wall board material for the HT250, the artificial aging processing, large-scale processing center processing, to ensure high strength and high


I. Computer Control System

1. The control panel is equipped with 10.4-inch man-machine interface

color touch screen, which can control the feeding section, the printing

department, the grooving section, the die cutting section, the operation is

convenient, the fast and the precision is high. Another set of text displays can control and display the current phase, horizontal roll horizontal position, man-machine dialogue and manual electronic control dual operating system, easier to operate.

2. Feeding Department, the printing department, slotted machine after the

mechanical return to zero, the general use of cartons automatic zero device

and automatic chromatography function, try to print a few cardboard can be

adjusted to the correct overprint position, reduce board waste.

3. The current location of memory: the machine during the work, if you want to open the machine to rub version or less when the volume is changed, the

original position can be determined after the machine is fit.

4. Data retention: When the processed product data is correct, the current

data number to save, can store 500 orders for the next use; when the re-use side will operate, save the adjustment time.

5. Controllable Anilox Rolling: When a group of temporary do not need to print, the group pattern rollers do not need to be lowered without cleaning the

rollers. When the paper feed open and stop, the net roll in turn lift, reduce the hue difference, product yield greatly improved.

6. Free to set the paper time, uniform paper interval, so that the operation

more flexible, suitable personal operating habits.

7. The main screen shows the order number, the actual number of production, automatic completion of the automatic alarm at the same time automatically

stop feeding, anilox roller automatically from the plate.

8. Screen host cruise fixed speed: preset 60,90,120, the host start, stop and acceleration and deceleration function, so that adjustment easy.