Automatic order change Thin Blade Slitter Scorer

 Function And Parameter

◆Whole Machine according high speed, high precision, high effectiveness,

high stability and High safety Design and Manufacture.

◆ Control system: Adopt international PLC industries class man-machine

interface and inverter as core electric control system; easy and fast change

order and intelligent, make the production and adjusting more Humanize and more safety.

◆ Transmission system: transmission gear adopt 20GrMnTi alloy steel, fine

grinding, precision 6 class, Hardness is HRC58-62, adopt key-free joint and Cross slide structure, transmission gear non side gap, printing precision can be lone terms keep.

◆ Ink distributing system: ink Doctor blade system with high net Ceramic Anilox roller, printing net is 100-150, improve the quality of single color

net and multi color Superimposed printing effect; pneumatic ink Diaphragm

pump supply ink, back ink, easy operation, save ink and easy to wash;

◆ Main machinery wallboard asopt HT250, Processing center processing,

keep high strength and high precision.                


Computer control operation unit

1. Control panel equipped with 10.4 inch human-computer interface

colors touch screencan control paper feeding unitprinting unitslotting

unit, die cutting unit,easy operation,quickly,high precision. Other each group 5.7inch colors touch screen intuitive precise display,man-machine

conversation and manual electronic control double operation system, easier to operate.

2. After the machine combine paper feeding unit,printing unit,slotting unit

automatic return to zero, common carton box use auto return to zero device

and automatic tinted featuretest printing some paper board is ok. Adjust to

the right position of overprintingreduce the waste of paper board.

3. Current position memoryMachine in the course of work, if you want to

open the machine to rub version or change plate, after the machine combined the machine can be ensured to the  original position.

4. Order preset: 10.4-inch touch screen can be processed by the order,

enter the card length and width data, can be directly left and right baffle and

rear box intelligent positioning.

5. Data Save: When the processed product data is correct, the current data

can be numbering(Chinese name) to save, can store 999 orders for the next

use; When used again, easy to operate, save adjustment time.

6. Controllable anilox rolling: When a group of temporary do not need to print, the group pattern rollers do not need to be lowered without cleaning the rollers. When the feed is open and stopped, the web roll followed by lifting, product

yield greatly improved.

7. Can set the aligning time freelyaligning interval time,make the

operation more flexibility,suit for the personage operate hobby.

8. The main screen shows the order number, the actual number of production, fixed automatic alarm, and automatically stop feeding, anilox roller automatic

release from the plate.

9. Screen host cruise fixed speed: preset 60,90,120 s/ min, the host start, stop and acceleration and deceleration function, so easy to adjust.