Automatic order change Thin Blade Slitter Scorer

Function and Features:

l Whole machine servo control, each unit servo drive,can be add unit,

no limited by transmission structures, servo transmission quick action,

high position precision,Multi-run mode, efficient and stable.

l Control system: adopts Germany “REXROTH” servo control system,

industry PLC and inverter is core control system, intelligent production,

quickly order change, humanized and Safety.  

l Transfer system: each unit is fixed model, adopts Vacuum transfer the corrugated board, speed fast and high register precision.

l Ink Distribution system: “MAGIC CHAMBER” Doctor Blade system with

high net ceramic Anilox roller, net 100 -150 high graphic prints, improve

the printing quality, especially single color net and multicolor

Superimposed prints, Pneumatic Diaphragm pump supply ink, discharge

ink, easy operation, save ink and easy wash.

l Main wallboard adopts HT250 cast iron, after aging treatment and

processing center process, insure high strength and high precision.              


1. Computer Control:


l Control panel with 10.4 inch man-machine interface touch screen,

can be control lead edge feeder, printer, slotter, rotary die cutter; easy operation, fast and high

precision. Each unit 5.7 inch touch screen showing, man-machine dialogue and manual

electronic control dual operating system, more easy to operate.

l Feeder, printer, rotary die cutter motorized return zero, only need testing little sheets can be

get the position, reduce waste of corrugated board;

l Position memory Function: when machinery working, if need clean the plate and few change plate, can back to original position.

l Order Pre-set Function: pre input the size of corrugated board, left, right and back baffle can be

automatically adjusting, intelligent operation;

l Order Storage: can e storage 999 group order, next time can be use again, easy operation, save

adjusting time;

l Controllable Anliox roller Up and Down: when any unit no need printing, this unit anilox roller

no need downward, no need clean ink roller; when start or stop feeder, anilox roller upward or

downward follow the steps, improve the quality of corrugated board;  

l Can set the flapping time and interval time of Flap, suitable personal hobbit.

l Main Screen display the present order, actual order, automatically Alarming when order finished,

at the same time automatic stop feeding and anilox roller automatically downward with the printing


l Cruise fixed speed: can be set 60, 90, 120 sheets/min as fixed speed