Automatic order change Thin Blade Slitter Scorer
Automatic order change Thin Blade Slitter Scorer

I. Main performance and characteristics:

  • Machine using servo, PLC control, single for a single speed, easy to learn the operation of the screen .

  • Pneumatic lift knife line, manual and automatic two kinds of sharpening way; high degree of automation, saving time .

  • Electrical appliances at home and abroad well-known brands, stable and reliable performance .

  • Slitter with tungsten steel alloy blade, long life, cut cardboard cut neatly, no indentation, no burr .

  • Pressure line with preload and fine pressure combination, not burst line, easy to bend, linear and beautiful .

  • Transmission part of the use of imported timing belt, smooth transmission, low operating noise .

  • Mechanical positioning using linear guide and ball screw combination, accurate high .

  • Change the time for 20-60 seconds .

II. The main technical parameters:

  • Maximum slitting cardboard width:               2200mm

  • Maximum mechanical speed:                  200m/min

  • Number of paper pulp: (according to user

  • Requirements increase or decrease                    4 pieces

  • Crimping wheel number: (according to

  • user requirements increase or decrease)                6 pairs

  • Minimum cutting width:                      140mm

  • Minimum pressure line width:                 140mm

  • The outer diameter of the blade:               200mm

  • Paperboard blade thickness:                   1.3mm(alloy)

  • Total power:                                11kw

  • Running power:                            7kw

  • Pneumatic pressure:                        0.6-0.8mpa

  • Order storage:                           9999

  • Pressure wheel diameter:                   156mm

  • Machine weight:                    3500kg

  • Machine size:                   3700*1250*2000mm