Corporate Culture

  Cangzhou Shengfeng Machinery Manufacturing Co., the company has a large number of high-quality staff of our company is the fundamental guarantee of success, and the staff of high quality depends on our attractive working environment and incentive mechanism, and perfect internal management system. The simple flat structure of the hierarchy is our organization's best advantage. In this way, members can communicate, communicate, learn and encourage each other very well, realize the information sharing to the greatest extent and keep the ability to respond quickly to the outside world all the time. Our company strives to improve the enterprise environment, reform the employment mechanism, and form a strong cohesive force and combat power.

  Enterprise culture: Excelsior, perfect packaging machinery

  Enterprise spirit: unity, struggle, exploration and innovation

  Core values: products are money, quality is life

  Business philosophy: products around the market, quality, users have the final say, the service to Haier.

  Enterprise tenet: everything for the user

  Enterprise slogan: say better than do, do, do the best.