SFC150 Single Facer cutter Stacker
Automatic order change Thin Blade Slitter Scorer

►Structure Features

v can storage 200 group order, touch screen adjusting, can manage the order;

v Germany KEB controller control servo motor driving, high quality servo motor Synchronously driving;

v Cutting knife adopt high quality alloy steel, gear material is hard surface after fine grinding, gap-less transmission,high accurate and long working life;

v Wall of Main machinery adopt gray cast iron material, avoid vibrating.

v Stacking unit adopts down stacker design, when arrived quantity automatically output, include three sections, first section brush design keep the single face flat; second section reduce speed keep the single face paper overlapping stacking; third section automatic counting and control by pneumatic, speed up to out put the paperboard; max stacking length is 1600mm;

v Quickly change order, order change time 3-8 seconds.

v Adopts tungsten alloy thin blade, working life more than 8 millions meters.

v Thin blade grinding can be manual or automatically, improve the work.

v Adopts imported synchronous belt transmission, high accuracy, lone working life, lower noise;

v High quality imported industry computer and High quality PLC control system.

►Technical parameter

v Max working width1600mm          

v Direction from right to left

v Mechanical speed150m/min

v Slitting knife: 5 slitting blade

v Slitting knife diameter: 200mm        

v Slitting precision: +/- 0.5mm

v Min slitting width: 130mm

v Minimum cutting length: 300mm            

v Maximum cutting length: 9999mm

v Cutting precision: ±1mm (constant speed)

v Maximum Stacking height: 500mm

v Maximum Staking length: 1600mm

v Maximum Stacking width: 1600mm

► diameter of the roller

v Upper shaft of cutting knife: 200mm     balancing treatment;

v Lower shaft of cutting knife:¢200mm     balancing treatment;

v Bottom paper tracking roll:¢156mm      balancing treatment;

v Remark: all the roller is hard chrome plated.

►motor power

v Main motor of thin blade: 4KW  inverter motor

v Main motor of NC cutoff12.5KW  servo motor

v Paper tracking motor: 3KW   inverter motor

v Paper transmission motor:   1.5KW    inverter motor              

v Side output motor:  0.75KW    inverter motor